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Reliable flight reservation and ticketing services based on substantial buying power

  • Provides reliable seat supply and reasonable price offers based on airline ticketing volume worth approximately KRW 10 billion per year.
  • Suggests special commercial price offers available exclusively at CALT Logis based on substantial buying power.
  • Provides one-stop reservation and ticketing/management services through dedicated expert personnel.
  • Offers cost saving opportunities by analyzing corporate travel patterns, airline preferences, routes, etc. Proposes routes and fares suited for each business trip.
  • Uses its network of national airlines and foreign airlines available at CALT Logis to secure seats during peak seasons and offer quick, precise services.

Flight reservation and ticketing services rooted in know-how from expert personnel in flight services

  • Employs expert personnel in flight reservation and ticketing to provide reliable airline services capable of responding 100% to client needs.
  • Takes advantage of the know-how from its expert employees to provide quicker, more efficient services, and cost saving opportunities.
  • Offers simple flight reservation and ticketing services as well as thorough after-service management and feedback for each business traveler.
  • Provides information on flight reservations (e.g. routes, schedules, prices of regular flights) and the latest information on transfer, airports at corporate travel destinations.
  • Keeps expert personnel on stand-by 24/7 throughout the year, and responds to emergency situations involving business travelers.

Flight Reservation Inquiries : 02.551.0741~4

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