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Visa application agency and management services for each country

CALT Travel Service provides plenty of information required for corporate travels and personal travels. It also makes traveling more convenient for clients with its visa agency services for all major countries.

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Visa Application Agency Services for Each Country

  • Offers non-immigration visa consulting and application agency services for each country, including China
  • Offers a list of required documents for each country to enable clients prepare for their applications well in advance and avoid the need to rush through processes
  • Offers allowances for passport and visa documents pick-up/delivery services and provides airport pick-up services
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Other Relevant Management Services

  • Manages passport and visa data for each business traveler at each company to ensure passports and visas do not expire unknowingly, and to ensure no visa requirements are omitted
  • Provides airline itineraries, luggage regulations and precautions, airport and new airline-related information for each airline that updates on a monthly basis
  • Constantly offers detailed country information for each corporate travel destination to help business travelers adapt to local conditions
  • Provides various items required during corporate travels

Visa Application Agency Service-related Inquiries : 02.551.0733~9

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